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iPad Fever Sweeps the Nation. Again.

As revelers from across the nation prepared for a raucous St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Apple…
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Add Some Physics Into Your Marketing Mix

Physics is an amazingly useful field of study, but not everyone realizes just how applicable…

Square Tests NYC Taxi Program

If you’ve read any magazines lately, you’ve probably seen ads for Square, an attachment that…
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Sata raid Storage Systems, A Key Component of Data Storage Devices

Raid is what you use to kill bugs in your apartment right? Well, yes, it…
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Small Business Accounting Software Takes The Guesswork Out Of Business Finance

Image via Wikipedia If you’re planning to start your own small business, you’ll find that…
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Trendcast 2012: What’s Changed, What’s Stayed the Same?

2011 was one hell of a year in tech. Google released its Panda update, nixing…

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Technology: LED Hula Hoop

Gift a hula hoop to your child for multiple benefits Are you thinking of which gift you should give to your child on his birthday? Do you want to give a toy which is not only very fun to play with, but can also keep your child healthy? Well then,

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Sandra Bullock on Seinfeld

the following is a Guest post…the views within do not represent those of the news of the wired staff…frankly we thought Sandra Bullock sucked on Seinfeld I think one of my favorite cameos would have to be when Sandra Bullock performed on Seinfeld. This was just a few years before

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Top 5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Students

Want to become a better student? There’s an app for that. In fact, there are several. Whether you spend too much down time playing Angry Birds or would just like to be more organized and efficient with your time, education-enhancing smartphone apps for students are an easy and effective way

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Small Business Accounting Software Takes The Guesswork Out Of Business Finance

If you’re planning to start your own small business, you’ll find that there are many hurdles to jump and questions to answer along the way. Here are some of the important things that are worth paying attention to as you move down the path toward financial independence. First, make sure

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Cloud Insights–A Recap

So, what’s out there? What’s available to the budding tech team that needs more? Is there an application service out there accessible to the smaller dealer but packing the big punch of companies, newsgroups, and etc. that can afford the most sophisticated Web services? Companies such as Rackspace, developed by

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Chihuahua’s All Over the Internet Sing J.G. Wentworth Songs

You read that right folks…I cannot make this shit up. All over the internet right now chihuahuas are going gaga (yes that rhymes) over the J.G. Wentworth jingle…there even holding an auspicious 100 dollar giveaway on their facebook page. And for anyone who isn’t annoyingly familiar with that song here’s

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Increasing Employee Satisfaction on a Budget with Proven Effective Perks

Many employers don’t realize that just because you may not have the money to raise your employees’ salaries doesn’t mean you can’t still improve employee satisfaction in other ways. Recent studies and surveys show that improving employee satisfaction is needed now more than ever, with less than half of American workers claiming

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OpenStack: The New Linux

Companies looking for both the ease of cloud computing and the versatility of Linux will be glad to know there are options available. OpenStack is the open source cloud initiative that has tongues wagging in the world of technology. It’s evolving as a cloud service model that’s distinctive and reminiscent

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Technology in Sports

With every year that passes the world of technology grows, and the scope to use it grows even greater. In the recent decade especially the world of sport is becoming more affected by new technologies in many different areas including decision making, fitness, training etc.  However, many people are unsure

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